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Join the 2024 Gathering: What to Expect

November 21, 2023 Elise Keith
New Rules for Work Labs
Join the 2024 Gathering: What to Expect
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Join us at the 2024 Intent to Impact Gathering in Austin and online, where your insights and experiences are invaluable. This isn't just another conference; it's a collaborative expedition into the future of teamwork.

You and your peers will be joined by leading experts in neurodiversity, personal well-being at work, meetings, team creativity, artificial intelligence, workplace design, and distributed cognition. Together, we'll establish a fresh approach to forming and leading thriving teams.

Gain cutting-edge insights from leaders in these fields, and learn transformative strategies for enhancing team creativity and well-being at work.

Secure your spot now - join the forefront of workplace innovation!
Find out more and grab your tickets now at:

Be a part of shaping the future of work. We can't wait to collaborate with you!

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Event: 2024 Intent to Impact in Austin, TX

Dave: We began 2023 with a three-day symposium focused on this question, how might we best unleash team creativity in pursuit of a brighter, more sustainable future? The event kicked off many months of collaborative experiment design and active experimentation, where we tested to see the impact of meetings, location, and technology on team creativity. While we're still early in the data analysis phase one key learning is clear. Intentionality trumps all else.

Elise: So since then, the world of work has been rocked by international conflict inflation, a huge rise in the number of people
working as independent contractors, and all of the flip-flopping on the return to office policies. And what, oh. AI, right?
So this raises the question, if intentionality matters most, how can you be intentional when the context and who's on your team keep changing all the time?

Dave: We believe that future teams will need to be much better at rapidly forming clear intentions and agreements around how they collaborate and that the teams that do this best will not only perform better but also win the escalating battle for talent.

So that's our focus for 2024. We'd love for you to join us in January as we kick off the year at Intent to Impact. Here's the plan.

Elise: On day one, the in-person mastermind group will develop two tools, a personal working intention for 2024, and a strategy for rapidly forming new team working agreements.
The formats we'll use for the working agreements will extend ones that you may have seen in the past to embrace the latest research on employee wellbeing, collaboration, and what it means to team with AI. It's that multi-species teams that we've been talking about that's so fascinating. So if you lead teams at work or if you support team leaders, you'll want to join us in person
in Austin.

Dave: On day two, we'll be joined by an international online audience for a lightning conference on the insights and trends shaping work in the coming year. Through short presentations, workshops, in guided networking, we'll learn what we can do to build personal well-being at work, different ways of thinking about our relationship with AI, and how where we work impacts performance.

We're thrilled to be joined by the experts who have inspired us and helped us make more intentional choices about how we work and can't wait to share that with you. We're also thrilled that our 2023 experiment partners and collaborators will be there to lead a deeper dive into the experiment results.
Are you curious to see what cool creative ideas teams had for all those abandoned buildings? Join us to find out.

Elise: And if you do join us on day two, that features tacos, like super tasty tacos, which I didn't think I cared about at all.
But those tacos are actually
really good
Dave: They're very
Yes,  having lived in Austin.
Elise: Yeah, tacos on.
So finally on day three, our Austin group will hone in
on our intent for the year to come. We'll spend half a day refining our strategies based on what we learned in day two, and then solidifying our action plan.

Dave: A few logistical notes.
Once you register, you'll gain access to the event materials in CrowdComms. As a bonus, all the recordings from the 2023 symposium are available there now. We'll also post recordings there for day two presentations, so online attendees can catch up with anything they miss.

For our in-person group that's going to be for day one and day three, we have a 50-person limit.
Elise: So get your tickets now. Our early bird discount ends at the end of the month and while our total limit is 50, we don't have 50 tickets left, so we would love to see you there. Please join us for intent to impact in January 2024.
Dave: See you in Austin.
Elise: and online!

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